These 10 Potassium Foods Are Best For Blood Pressure And Heart Diseases

High potassium foods are best for blood pressure. The mineral helps your body's fluid levels, muscle function and removal of waste and motivates your nervous system to function properly. Research suggests that foods with potassium may reduce blood pressure and stroke risk in people with high blood pressure. Here we are telling you about some such potassium rich foods, which are completely safe for you to consume and are also beneficial for health. 

1. Banana  

If you have heard of a potassium-rich food, you probably know that bananas are a good source, which contains more than 400 milligrams of potassium. Bananas are a healthy and energy snack. It is high in vitamin B6 and is a good source of fiber and vitamin C. 

2. Avocado 

If the avocado is not in your house then you must bring it from the market. It is rich in nutrients. An avocado contains up to 975 mg of potassium. As well as vitamins and heart-healthy fats, they are also naturally free of cholesterol and are very low in sodium. Luckily, avocado is so versatile that you can include it in any meal of the day. For breakfast, try adding it to your morning smoothie. 

3. Spinach

Spinach is a mine of qualities and contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. Spinach is also rich in potassium. One cup of spinach contains about 540 mg of potassium. Apart from this, spinach is also an important source of iron and fiber. Therefore, its intake provides many health benefits to the body. In anemia, consumption of spinach is beneficial.

4. Sugar beets 

Beet contains many ingredients that benefit the body. Potassium is also found in sugar beet. A cup of beetroot contains about 518 mg of potassium which is about 11 percent of your daily needs. Beetroot is also rich in iron, so it increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood and prevents blood loss diseases such as anemia. 

5. Potato 

Potatoes contain more potassium than bananas. Are you surprised? Yes! A medium-sized boiled potato contains 941 mg of potassium. This is about 20 percent of the daily requirement. But after boiling the potatoes, let it cool slightly. The starch present in potato is also beneficial in arthritis. In addition to potato, sweet potato also contains plenty of potassium.

6. Sweet potato 

Sweet potato contains plenty of potassium. A typical sweet potato contains up to 694 mg of potassium. This is 15 percent of our daily needs. Along with this, the amount of calories in it is also low. A sweet potato contains only 131 calories. That is, the consumption of sweet potato has a two-way positive effect on our health. Not only that, sweet potato contains beta-corten and vitamin A in plenty. Because of these characteristics, you can also call it superfood. 

7. Orange juice 

Orange juice is very beneficial for breakfast. Oranges are considered rich in vitamin C. However, it also contains a lot of potassium. The best part of it is that it is also very easy to make. And also, if you want to eat oranges just like that, then there is no problem. 

8. Date

Dates are a special dry foot of winter for its warm effect. Originally, the dates of Central Asia are excellent in taste as well as its many health benefits. Half a cup of dates contains 584 mg of potassium. You can also eat dates with milk.

9. tomatoes 

Tomatoes are used in salads to vegetables. Red tomatoes are an important part of India's colorful food. A quarter cup of tomato paste contains 2.8 mg of vitamin E. This is one-fifth of our daily needs. In addition, it contains 664 milligrams of potassium, 34 milligrams of lycopene and 54 calories. Due to these characteristics, it can also be called superfood.  

10. curd and Leafy vegetables 

Yogurt has many nutritional elements. Calcium is also rich in it, which is very beneficial for our bones. However, you may not be aware that yogurt is also rich in potassium. About 220 grams of non-fat yogurt contains up to 579 milligrams of potassium.  

This leafy vegetable is not only rich in vitamin A and vitamin 'K', but also contains a lot of potassium. Its half cup contains 655 mg of potassium. Consuming this can fulfill many of your nutritional requirements. This superfood is also rich in Vita Corten and Vitamin A.