Dropping Food Increases Anger And Decreases Blood Sugar

Now if you have an empty stomach then how will your brain work. After all, he too needs energy and fuel to keep working. Moreover, if the brain does not get the full dose, it can affect your mood and bad mood can spoil your relationships. 

What they say is not a hungry hymn. And you might also know that even a hungry belly hymn cannot be loved. It is said that when the stomach is empty then sweet talk also seems to be abused

Research has revealed that when you do not have lunch, you have a strange feeling. Experts have given it a new name hangar, combining English hunger, ie hunger and anger. Experts believe that this behavior can also put your love life in danger. This research has come to light after conducting research on 107 married couples. The person who has low blood sugar extracts his reaction on his partner. And this research also revealed that such behavior is done by both men and women. That is, the gender of the person does not matter.


Whenever you feel a 'hanger', eat a high fiber diet like whole grains. There should be at least five grams of fiber in your diet. This will not make you hungry for long. You should not consume a high sugar diet. Because such diets will quickly become part of your blood glucose. That is, your 'hangar' process will start again.

Keep eating something

If you have not eaten anything for the past four hours, then this causes your blood sugar level to decrease rapidly. The brain cells do not have backup glucose. So the mind first knows that you are now working on an empty stomach.

Recognize the signs

The power of your brain to think has an opposite effect. Andrenaline is activated. This causes your heartbeat to increase. This is a sign of the body that you should eat now. It tells you that your body is lacking in fuel.

What does the brain

Now because you have not eaten for a long time and your brain has run out of fuel. So the brain without fuel starts to remove energy from the process of self-control. He starts applying this energy to other activities considered necessary.

What is the effect

Anger, aggression and mood changes occur. Now, because the mind has removed the energy from self-control, these feelings also become uncontrollable. So if you want to avoid anger, anxiety, stress and other things, then understand the importance of food.

The effect of

This process increases the stress hormone. This causes problems like anxiety, headache and dizziness.

How to avoid

Keep eating something every four hours. Many times it happens that you are not able to eat anything for a long time. You cannot get time to eat due to work pressure or any other reason. So in order to avoid 'hangers', keep some snacks with you.