Be Careful: Energy Drinks Increase Stroke

As the heat of mercury increases, the practice of drinking different types of drinks begins. Why not? It helps in fighting heat and keeps the body cool. Energy drink is also included in all these drinks. Everyone loves energy drinks from children to adults. But energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine which causes harm to your body.

You will be surprised to know the fact that those who drink energy drinks are more likely to have brain hemorrhage and stroke. Experts say that after analysis in patients with stroke or brain hemorrhage in the hospital, it was found that they drank energy drinks. In this way, the energy drink and its ingredients are not right for your health. Know about them.

Stroke with an energy drink

Drinking an energy drink daily can cause irregular heartbeat, which increases the risk of stroke by 5 times. The British Heart Foundation has recently revealed that the number of stroke patients is increasing year after year. Most people do not know about the silent killer present in energy drinks. While the elements present in the energy drink act as silent killers and are becoming a major cause of stroke.

Harmful ingredients present in energy drink

  • Caffeine
    As already told to you, energy drinks contain caffeine. This can cause a stroke. Actually, caffeine affects your sleep, increases BP and heart rate. However, these effects of caffeine are useful for some people. But from a broader perspective, caffeine overdose has a lot of negative effects that can cause many serious health problems. 
  • Glucose
    Glucose and other containing energy drink carbohydrates are present in high amounts. The body uses them as energy. Although energy is useful for our body, too much glucose can cause problems like increased blood sugar (usually related to diabetes ), obesity, nervousness, etc.


However, have not yet found whether all types of energy drinks are the same. Information is still being collected in this regard. Despite this, it has been found that most energy drinks have similar elements like caffeine, glucose, vitamins, minerals, etc. Their quantity in sub energy drinks is different. Along with this, different types of chemicals are also used in energy drinks.

There is a lot of commonality among them as well. But the question still remains as to whether the energy drink is right for health or not? Experts believe that branded energy drinks can be safe. These reduce the risk of stroke. Despite this, energy drinks should be consumed only afterthought.