5 Diets That Should Never Be Heated In The Microwave

Usually, after lunch or dinner, there is little food left in every house. This leftover food is next eaten after heating it in the microwave. Although this is normal. Usually, this subject is not given much thought. But perhaps you are not aware that there are certain dietary specials, which are not right to heat in the microwave. Eating these foods in the microwave will affect health. Know about this particular diet.

According to potato experts, if the potato is kept in a cold or normal temperature after cooking, it is not right to reheat this food. There is a possibility of food poisoning. Actually, because of keeping it at normal temperature, a bacteria called botulism grows in it. It is not right for the stomach. So if you are not eating potatoes after cooking, then it is better to keep them in the refrigerator immediately. In this way, reheating the potato will not be a problem.

According to the Rice National Health Survey, rice can affect health when eaten after cooking at normal temperature. Actually, cooked rice kept in normal temperature can grow bacteria which doubles in a few seconds. These bacteria do not die even by heating the cooked rice in the microwave. So it is better to eat rice immediately after cooking. If you want to eat rice after some time of cooking, then immediately keep it in the fridge. If you eat rice after this, there will be no loss.

Green Leafy Vegetables

If you want to take full advantage of all the nutritional elements present in green leafy vegetables, then after cooking, heat them in a conventional oven instead of the microwave. According to studies, heating in microwaves results in nitrocemin (a type of chemical found in tobacco and tobacco products) called nitrates (which are beneficial for you) in green vegetables. Nitrocemin can be carcinogenic. Therefore, after cooking green vegetables, consume it immediately and live healthy lives.

Red Whole Peppers

When a red chili is heated in a microwave, it contains a chemical called capsaicin (the chemical responsible for giving a strong flavor). As a result, there may be irritation in your eyes and throat. Even warming the whole chili can cause you to start coughing and breathing problems. Therefore, never heat the whole chilies in the microwave.


According to the European Food Information Council always fresh mushrooms should be eaten cooked itself. Actually, the protein present in mushrooms dissipates very rapidly. If you keep the mushroom in the fridge for more than 24 hours after cooking, it is safe to eat it by heating it at 158 ​​degrees. However, this does not apply to processed mushrooms.

Everyone loves to eat food by heating it. But heat only those foods that do not negatively affect your health.